Beyond Wonderland 2014

Might as well join the club since my timeline is flooded with Beyond pics. #beyondwonderland

Destroy them with lasers 👽🔫 #beyondwonderland #matzo

Just woke up & all of a sudden I’m here. #beyondwonderland (at Shoreline Amphitheatre At Mountain View)

Yes I did deadlifts before I took this pic. Back on my regular deadlift routine after hurting my lower back couple weeks back. #TheRealOGs #FOCUS #deadlifts

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Here we go again….smh😒its only the 2nd game of the season!!! Same thing happened last season. We lose 4 games and people want to get rid of Kaep. We win 8 games in a row and all of a sudden he the man again.

So deuces✌️fair-weather fans!!! Obviously you werent there with us during the “dark days” in the 2000’s & our revolving door of QBs. Do you remember??? We had God awful Trent Dilfer for heaven sakes😞 Or in 2010, the year before Kaep got drafted, we went 5-9 in that season. Stomaching 9 losses and still reppin your team takes dedication and loyalty. If after ONE loss you not with it……GTFOH 👊💢



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Beyond ready 💪 #beyondwonderland



He hit her with the “nigga please” so fast. 


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I need to look this cut again.

I think I should start posting a lot more about fitness just to keep up with my goals & to get myself motivated. I’ve been slacking & it’s really not a good feeling. Got to put my tumblr to use somehow.

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